Does A 48-Team World Cup Split Across Two Continents Sound Good? FIFA Presidential Candidate Luis Figo Thinks So

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The former Real Madrid star wants two simultaneous tournaments.

Luis Figo outlined his plans for FIFA if he is voted as the new President, with the most controversial proposal being a shake up of the World Cup format to have two simultaneous tournaments on separate continents.

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In his manifesto Figo had two new ideas for the World Cup, with the first – and less drastic – being a 40 team competition which would see an extra nation added to each of the eight groups in the current 32-team format.

However, the Portugal legend also stated that there is an idea for a split World Cup, with 24 teams in each tournament and then a knockout phase that follows that.

“I believe we should consider proposals to expand the World Cup from its current 32-team structure to a 40 or even 48-team competition,” Figo was quoted by Eurosport.

“Both these options are feasible with an extra three to four days of tournament play. If this expansion were to take place, I believe that additional teams should come from non-European nations.”

Less controversial proposals from the former FC Barcelona and Real Madrid man included going back to old offside rule – when a player was offside regardless of if he was interfering with play or not – and sin bins for players who abuse referees.

Figo also pledged to give more money to grass roots football as well, but his ideas for a new World Cup are certainly the ones that stand out the most.

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