FIFA President Sepp Blatter Suggests Racism ‘Is In Our DNA’

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Blatter shoots himself in the foot once again.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter will surely face even more criticism after a poor attempt at condemning the racist attack by Chelsea fans on a man at the Paris Metro station last week.

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In his column for the FIFA Weekly, the 78-year-old spoke about the need to tackle discrimination in the game and that ‘no half measures’ can be taken in the fight against racism.

However, he also spoke of the need for people to use their ‘intellect’ to fight the instinct of racism, suggesting that it is part of our natural DNA.

“Some scientists claim there is a germ of racist thinking within all of us,” he said. “Their conclusions are based on research into human evolution. A fear of strangers and a suspicion of the unknown is a basic or ‘caveman’ instinct and part of a strategy for survival in an age when mammoths were served up for breakfast.

“Tens of thousands of years have passed but the basic instinct has remained, the researchers say. If so, it is disquieting, because it would mean racism is in our DNA. However, the evolutionary biologists say, there is an antidote: the intellect. It can suppress gut feelings, differentiate us from animals, and make us humans with clear principles and values.”

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