2022 Winter World Cup Could Result In Record Breaking January Transfer Window

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The transfer window could see major changes as a result of the 2022 winter World Cup in Qatar, with a record breaking January a definite possibility…

There will be a massive number of changes made in order to accommodate the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with the Premier League likely to be impacted greatly, one of the biggest changes could be in relation to the January window with a winter World Cup likely to have huge ramifications on transfer activity.

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There have been suggestions reported by the Guardian that all Europe’s top leagues will commence their seasons slightly earlier that year, with a start date some time in July being touted.

This means that if the summer transfer window is left as it is, then deadline day would potentially fall months into the start of the season.

Managers would no doubt be enraged by this, as they ideally want to get their teams settled and sorted before the season gets into full swing. The complications that could be caused due to players being cup tied would be endless as well, and we could end up seeing a very quiet transfer deadline day.

This would be in stark contrast to the January window, which could potentially see spending reach record breaking proportions.

The World Cup often serves to send players’ values through the roof, and when a player performs well on arguably the greatest footballing stage of them all, he naturally attracts the attention of prospective suitors.

With the window set to open just weeks after the final, a number of World Cup stars will no doubt still be hot property.

We could therefore see a huge number of transfers in January, as managers look to beat their rivals to the stars who impress in Qatar.

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