Why 2022 Winter World Cup May Give England Better Chance Of Winning!

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Despite a huge amount of criticism directed at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, England could benefit from the decision to move it to winter…

There has been a huge debate over the decision to move the 2022 Qatar World Cup to winter, but in the short term at least, it could serve to benefit England.

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Their poor World Cup showings have, in the past, been put down to a number of factors – one of which being the fact that their players are exhausted following a lengthy season. Whether this is a valid reason or not, it certainly won’t be an excuse they can fall back on in 2022.

The players will have played just a few months of football leading up to the competition, and shouldn’t have had to deal with congested fixtures for the most part. They will be fully rested and rejuvenated, and should be capable of playing some of their best football.

England are, of course, not the only national side with players in the Premier League, and a number of other countries will benefit as well. The Three Lions look like reaping the most rewards however, as there are still very few English players playing abroad.

Spain, Italy, and Germany will also have played just a few months of football, but there is one key difference that could see them suffer more than England. The English top flight are yet to introduce a winter break, something that the other three have utilised for years. Premier League players will be used to a hectic schedule in the build up to Christmas, while the other leagues may struggle.

The heat could obviously prove a problem for English players, as it is not something they will be used to. If this can be overcome however, they should have a fantastic advantage heading into the increasingly controversial 2022 World Cup.

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