Why Qatar 2022 World Cup Criticism Clearly Not Motivated By Racism

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There has been plenty of criticism directed at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but suggestions that it is racially motivated is ridiculous…  

The news has finally broken that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held in winter, which due to the immense heat levels reached during the summer months seems like the only viable option if the competition is to remain in the Middle Eastern state.

FIFA’s decision to host football’s premiere competition in the sovereign state of Qatar has been met with a huge amount of criticism, with many even calling for them to be stripped of the World Cup so it can be reallocated. Some are claiming that this criticism is down to discrimination and racism, which seems preposterous on the very face of it.

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FIFA have already conceded that awarding the World Cup to Qatar was a mistake, with president Sepp Blatter admitting that a technical report revealed the heat made them an infeasible option. When this admission understandably saw the public’s fury directed at Blatter and his colleagues, he attempted to shift the blame elsewhere by suggesting that the calls for the competition to be moved were motivated by racism.

This suggestion is ridiculous, and holding the World Cup in the Middle East is just not practical, however you look at it. The fact the summer heat would put the players’ lives at risk is an obvious factor, and while moving it to the winter months goes some way to remedying this, it is far from ideal.

To suggest that the heat isn’t an issue is madness, and moving the competition to November and December will only result in huge disruptions to league football. Certain competitions require certain conditions, and Qatar just doesn’t have the right climate to support a World Cup.

We obviously wouldn’t hold the Winter Olympics in Sudan, for example, as the conditions just wouldn’t support the event. To suggest that race has anything to do with that totally understandable and justifiable decision is madness, and just goes to show how obsessed the world has become with political correctness.

When a number of other tournaments have to be rescheduled and moved around, it instantly raises questions over the validity of the decision. The World Cup has never been made so complicated in all it’s long and illustrious history, so why FIFA would go out of their way to cause such controversy and chaos in the world’s most popular sport is beyond mystifying.

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