You’re A Fake! Arsenal Legend Bob Wilson Slams Arrogant Piers Morgan

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You’re not a proper Gunners fan, says Wilson. 

Television personality and Arsenal supporter Piers Morgan, renowned for his outspoken tweets, that often criticise Arsene Wenger and his side, has been ridiculed by club legend Bob Wilson.

Wilson went on an epic rant about the 49-year-old, slamming Morgan as not a ‘proper’ fan of the club, and leaping to the defence of the under-fire Gunners boss following Wednesday night’s Champions League defeat to Monaco.

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“I would like to say this about Piers Morgan… He claims to be an Arsenal fan, but if you’re a supporter of a club you have to be through thick, thin, laughter, smiles and tears, Wilson told talkSPORT.

“He has never been a proper fan,” the 73-year-old continued.

“I see him on Twitter and he drives me mad.

“He’s an incredibly pompous individual and he has no understanding of what it is to be the manager of a football club. I can only tell you this about Arsene, and I am biased to a degree, but I’m not stupidly biased. You will not find any manager ever, more dedicated to doing his job than Arsene.”

Predictably, in response to the comments of Arsenal’s former goalkeeper, Morgan took to Twitter to defend his devotion to the club, expressing that such words from Wilson are hurtful:

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