Piers Morgan Slams Arsenal Legend After ‘Proper Fan’ Jibe

Morgan won’t be endearing himself to anyone at the club with these latest comments…

Twitter loudmouth and general know-it-all Piers Morgan has slammed Arsenal legend Bob Wilson over his recent comments where he said the former Daily Mirror editor isn’t a proper fan.

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The former Gunners No.1 sparked a bitter war of words with the former chat-show host after labelling him “an incredibly pompous individual” for his comments following Arsenal’s terrible 3-1 loss to AS Monaco in the Champions League in mid-week.

“I would like to say this about Piers Morgan,” Wilson said on Talksport earlier this weel, via the Independent. “He claims to be an Arsenal fan, but if you’re a supporter of a club you have to be through thick, thin, laughter, smiles and tears. He has never been a proper fan.

Adding: “I see him on Twitter and he drives me mad. He’s an incredibly pompous individual and he has no understanding of what it is to be the manager of a football club. I can only tell you this about Arsene, and I am biased to a degree, but i’m not stupidly biased. You will not find any manager ever, more dedicated to doing his job than Arsene.

However, Morgan has angrily responded, setting out almost a manifesto of what he actually thinks being a ‘proper fan’ entails.

See what he tweeted below:

We thought we might add one to the list too Piers, a ‘proper fan’ perhaps allows his fellow supporters to have view points different points-of-view, sometimes polar opposite, but realises in the end everyone supports the club and wants what is best for it.

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