Tim Sherwood Promises Sports Psychologist To Address Aston Villa Scoring Problems

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Tim Sherwood hopes that he can help solve Aston Villa’s scoring problems quickly…

New Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood seems to finally be facing up the magnitude of the task in front of him – keeping the club in the Premier League. The Midlands side have only managed 13 goals in 26 league games so far this term, and seem to be suffering from a lack of confidence.

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Sherwood, who was quoted by the Guardian, said: “It’s a psychology job. I really mean it when I say: ‘Don’t be scared to lose.’ Just get out there and give it everything. You leave nothing on the pitch. I don’t think the application was a problem [against Stoke], I thought it was very good.

“I thought the desire to want to win the game was very good. I thought the hurt in the dressing room afterwards was as bad as mine. But they’re in this position for a reason, and we have to find that reason and try and get it out.

“It’s not lack of quality; the quality is in the group. There is something in there which we need to dispel. And I don’t think there’s any shame in getting it out in the open because they’re going to have to dig deep.

“They have to really have bravery, go and get on the football in the correct areas, keep getting it even if they’re giving it away. And anxiety around the place – let’s not worry about that, let’s have a go. If we’re going to fail, we fail trying and really expressing ourselves.”

Asked if he would try and turn things around himself, or bring in someone to help, he added: “If there’s someone out there that I think can help the group, whether that be a coach or a psychologist or whoever it is, we wouldn’t turn it down.”

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