Premier League Referee Mark Halsey Targeted By Sick Twitter Trolls

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Some made fun of his and his wife’s battles with cancer…

Ex-Premier League referee Mark Halsey’s family has been sent death threats by sick Twitter trolls but has said they will not force him off the social networking site.

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Halsey, whose wife Michelle is battling leukaemia, is now planning to take his family on a vacation as they look to get over the shock of such vile abuse.

Some of the messages contained harrowing comments about both his wife’s and his battles against cancer.

Greater Manchester Police are now investigating the incident and Halsey has revealed his terror at receiving up to 30 threats from three different accounts.

“It’s beyond anything I’ve seen or heard in my whole life. It’s unimaginable,” said Halsey, reports Daily Mirror.

“You think of the worst things you think you could hear as a father or a husband and it’s beyond even that – I can’t even bring myself to repeat some of them.

“I’ve got 7,000 followers on Twitter and we have some really good banter – there might be some foul language or something from time to time but people always come straight back and apologise – but the stuff I’ve been getting, you just wonder what sort of person could possibly be behind them.

“But I’m not going to hide, why should I? Then you’re letting the minority of idiots win.

“I don’t even know what started it – I think it may be three accounts run by the same person because they all came at once out of nowhere.

“I hope the police can catch this guy or someone who knows who sent them might do the right thing and report them.

“I can’t feel safe when someone out there is saying things like that about my family.”

Two of the accounts were called @racistballer8 and @onemessi_lad and have both since been deleted or suspended.

Greater Manchester Police continue their investigation.

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