Former WAG Dumped Arsenal Star Alexis Sanchez After Catching Two Of His Friends Filming Sex Romp

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Emirates Stadium attacker dubbed ‘immature’ by former girlfriend.

Alexis Sanchez was reportedly dumped by a former lover after she caught two of the Arsenal star’s friends hiding in a bedroom closet, filming the pair during a ‘sex romp’ according to the Daily Star.

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The incident, which apparently occurred in 2010, appears to have lingered a while with the Chilean’s ex-Valentina Roth and she seems keen to spell out just how unhappy she was with the striker’s behaviour.

Roth has decided to come out on the matter, stating she hasn’t spoken to Alexis since, and is keen to stress just how immature Sanchez’s actions were.

“He might be a role model for many people and he’s going to be loved by Arsenal fans all the time he’s scoring goals for them.

“But I hate him and I’ll never forgive him for what happened to me that night.

“Maybe Alexis thinks it’s funny to film a woman he’s making love to but I bet he’d be furious if someone did the same to his mum or his sister.

“Compared to my current boyfriend he’s very average. And he’s someone who’s still got a lot of growing up to do.” added Roth.

Elaborating on the incident in question Roth continued;

“I was naked and was sat on top of Alexis making love to him when I heard a noise coming from the closet.

“I asked him if he had heard too but he put his hands over my ears although he tried to half-disguise it by caressing my hair at the same time.

“A few seconds later I heard the door of the closet creaking and turned round to see it being pulled to.

“I jumped up and opened it and saw the two imbecile friends of Alexis who I thought were still in the living room standing there red-faced holding up a mobile phone,”

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