Bring Back Clarkson! Top Gear Presenter And Chelsea Fan Jeremy Clarkson Suspended For Allegedly Punching Producer

Controversial TV host given final warning over behaviour.

Big mouth BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson could see his days with the BBC numbered after the final three Top Gear shows of the series were axed as an investigation was launched into a fracas between the host and a producer, The Sun reports.

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The 54-year-old, who is a well known Chelsea supporter, was told to stay away after reportedly taking a swing at show producer Oisin Tymon following an argument over his dinner.

A BBC insider said of the incident: “Jeremy had a massive bust-up with one of the male show producers and he ended up smacking him in the face. Everyone was absolutely stunned.

“Jeremy is an incredibly valuable asset to the BBC. He is Top Gear and the show makes more money than anything else on their roster.

“They have given him countless chances, but when you hit someone, there is no way round it. They had no choice but to suspend him

“It’s very early at this stage, but the fact no one else has been suspended is very telling.”

However, another source close to the star said “He didn’t punch anyone” alluding to the possibility that he could be innocent.

There will be a tense wait to see what the BBC decide to do with the controversial star, as he was reportedly on his final warning for using racist language recently.

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