Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho reveals why he’s stopped shouting!

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that he’s stopped shouting at this own players because of the improvements they’ve made so far this season. The Premier League leaders have been in fine form this season, with the Portuguese quick to highlight their improvements.

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Mourinho, who was quoted by the Daily Star, said: “This season I don’t need confrontational leadership. Last season I felt I needed it a few times. This season I don’t because in motivational terms I am happy with everything.

“Basically, confrontational leadership is when you are ready to provoke your players to try to create some conflicts with the intention to bring out the best of them.

“You criticise a player in the media. Try to provoke a reaction from him, of anger, of not being happy with his manager, of trying to show that I’m not right. In this moment I don’t think I need that with this group because things are going in the direction I want.

“Obviously you can say but we lost to Bradford or in the Champions League. Okay. But generally the way they work, the way they behave, their responsibilities, the way they react to negative moments, the sense of complacency, all this is going well.

“I just need to be present. I don’t need to be a big leader or even trying to find strategies as a leader every single moment.”

The Chelsea boss used star midfielder Eden Hazard as the prime example of his squad’s development. He explained that the Belgian struggled to deliver with his defensive responsibilities, but has now learned from his mistakes.

He added: “I don’t know if it was that or it was his maturity coming, his level of ambition. I don’t know if it was me with that particular episode.

“For example when he was young player of the year it was not a big thing for him. He was not particularly emotional because he doesn’t wants to be the best young player of the year, he wants to be the best player of the year. Is he this time?

“I think so. I just think that was a natural evolution for him. He wants to be the best, to improve his game, score more goals. I think it was an accumulation of feedback from everybody which made him go in a certain direction. I still call him a kid but he’s a man. He’s a great player.

“He can be better until the end of his career but he’s reached a fantastic level, and a high level of stability, not up and down, sometimes amazing match next match sometimes not so good. Even when he’s bad, he’s never bad. [That’s] good evolution for him.”

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