Lucky Swedish football team escape death in Alps plane crash

Players of Swedish football team Dalkurd were left breathing a heavy sigh of relief this week after they changed their plans at the airport and decided to not board the Airbus A320 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf that crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday.

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The plane disappeared over the mountainous region of southern France at around 10:30am on Tuesday and took with it the 150 souls on board.

And according to the Daily Star the team were set to board the GermanWings on their return to Sweden after attending a training camp in Barcelona.

But they had a last minute change of heart at the airport as they opted to avoid a long wait in Stockholm for their connecting flight.

Player Adil Kizil said: “When we looked at the departure board at the airport in Barcelona there were four planes that left at the same time and flew north over the Alps.

“We had players on three of them. The fourth is the plane that crashed.

“You could say that we got very, very lucky.

“To all those who have tried to contact us in recent times we are at home and we’re fine.

“It was very scary. All the people on the plane that crashed were on the same check-in desk as us.

“It’s very, very sad what has happened.”

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