Premier League fans march in protest at sky high ticket prices

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A group of football fans took to the streets of London this week to protest the ever increasing prices of Premier League tickets, the Daily Star reports.

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A large swathe of fans from various top flight clubs all got together to demand that Premier League bosses share their new £5.1bn television rights deal.

They demanded that away tickets be set at just £20 and that at least £1m is set aside for expenses for travelling fans.

“Football has been flooded with money, delivering huge rewards for owners, agents and players, and we want fans to benefit,” one Newcastle fan was quoted as saying.

“This colossal TV deal gives clubs a tremendous opportunity to give something back.

“They can afford to drop ticket prices and make football affordable for all.”

The FA have not given any official stance, but a spokeswoman has stated: “We will continue to meet with the FSF to address their concerns.”

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