Premier League to share £1bn from TV deal with lower league teams

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In an attempt to give a boost to English football, the Premier League clubs have agreed to share £1bn of the new record breaking TV deal with lower league teams and grassroots football, as reported by the BBC.

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The Premier League recently sold the television rights to Sky Sports and BT Sports for a combined total of £5.136bn. The deal will last three years, and will start from 2016.

The record breaking deal will see a massive cash injection handed to the English top flight clubs, but in an attempt to build up English football there will be a number of donations made.

This may seem hugely generous, but the figure hasn’t actually risen as much as it arguably should have done.

Clubs were originally donating £700m, which means a rise of 40%. This is despite the fact that the new deal has seen an increase of 70% from £3bn to well over £5bn.

Premier League clubs have also agreed to pay the living wage to all staff, which means every full-time staff member will receive enough to cover the cost of living – varying depending on where in England they live.