England travel plans messed up by plane malfunction: Roy Hodgson’s team stuck in Italy

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England’s flight from Turin back to London has been delayed, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

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The news will strike fear into the hearts of fans around the country, with the news coming so soon after the tragic loss of Germanwings flight 4U 9525 which crashed into the French Alps last week.

It is understood that the plane was taxiing to the end of the runway to prepare for take-off when the captain noticed some unusual readings on the data output from one of the plane’s engines. It returned to the airport for an inspection, with engineers confirming that the craft was not fit to be airborne.

It is unclear if the England team will be able to catch another flight this evening, or if they will have to spend the night in Turin and return to the UK tomorrow. If the latter comes to fruition it will be a nightmare for club managers, who are already livid that Liverpool players were given additional permission to stay in England rather than travel to Italy.

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