Corinthians midfielder Elias called a “monkey” in disgusting new racism row

On Wednesday night television footage emerged that appeared to show Danubio defender Cristian Gonzalez calling Corinthians midfielder Elias Mendes Trindade a “monkey” – in another shocking case of racism for 2015.

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Racism is rife in South American football, with abuse in Brazil, Uruguay and Peru having been a common occurence over the past year, according to the Daily Mail – and Brazil outfit Danubio are the latest to hit the headlines over the atrocious discriminatory behaviour of one of their players.

Corinthians comfortably beat Danubio 4-0, but their joy has been marred by the words and actions of Gonzalez, who is sure to land himself – and his club – in hot-water with the authorities.

After the game, Elias himself refused to comment on what was said, however team-mate Cassio Ramos confirmed racist abuse did take place on the pitch, saying this to reporters:

“Elias showed great maturity in not reacting. It’s awful, it’s offensive, and maybe punishments should be harsher. We gave our answer on the pitch,” as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Take a look at the incident below:

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