Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson against more technology in football

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Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson regularly gave referees a dressing down whilst giving his post-match thoughts during his twenty-seven year career at Old Trafford. However, somewhat surprisingly, he has revealed that he is against football utilising too much technology to make sure decisions are made correctly.

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There have been calls this season for greater use of video help for officials, after a series of controversial decisions. And with the introduction of goal-line technology has been widely praised, this has led to support for further reform.

However, during an interview with a New York radio station, reported in the Guardian, the 73-year-old suggested that if football adopts more technology, it would ruin the flow of the game.

“You can’t have too many things because then it takes a lot of power away from the referees at which case it becomes a bit of a shambles because the game is stop-start, stop-start and you cannot have that.

“Goal-line technology is fine. Let’s just leave it there,” he said.

Ferguson was reprimanded five times throughout his Premier League career following incidents where he either confronted, or would later criticise the referee. He would spend a total of thirteen games away for the touchline, and face fines of £75,000 for the misdemeanours.

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