Alan Pulido and Vivian Cepeda sex scandal – shocking new videos released

Multimedios Deportes, a Mexican sports broadcaster, has been releasing more of the intimate videos of striker Alan Pulido.

Pulido sex scandal will not affect his position with Mexico national team
(Video) Mexican international Alan Pulido in sex scandal with stunning TV presenter
(Image gallery) Smoking hot snaps of Mexican sex scandal stunner Vivian Cepeda

In the first video she asks Pulido why he forgot about her, to which Pulido replies that he hasn’t forgotten but he has very busy and struggling to find free time in the last two months,with regular trips to Mexico City and the USA:

In the next two clips, the player is doing a ‘sexy dance’ in his underwear. It sounds like he is with a friend who is filming him:

In another clip, the striker appears telling a joke to one of his friends, while doing another funny dance. The woman in the background that appears at 2:12 is the TV presenter.

Transcript of the joke:

A cowboy goes into a bar with a friend. He sees a pretty girl and approaches her to ask her to dance with him.

The man dances up to the girl and asks: “Hey my love, what is your name? Do you want to dance?”

The girl replies: “Never in your life, you f—ing dumbass, you smell like rotten feet”

Man: “But why do you say that my love? Why?”

Girl: “Listen idiot. For me to dance with you, you need to have three things. First, a car. A car as spectacular as the one that is parked outside. Second, you need to have at least $10,000 USD in the bank. And last one, your ‘mmm’ should be 25 centimetres long.

Man: Listen you stupid b–ch, I am only going to tell you this once: First, the car outside is mine stupid. Second, I don’t have $10,000 usd in the bank, I have it in each pocket. And third, I am not going to cut off 10 cm just because you f—ing fancy it”

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