(Tweet) Politician stupidly mocks the name of American striker Herculez Gomez

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A Mexican senator from Puebla, Javier Lozano, has used Twitter to ridicule Herculez Gomez’s name.

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The politician wrote: “Well, what were the parents of Herculez thinking when they chose that name? And they even wrote his name with a ‘Z'”

Herculez Gomez immediately reacted to the tweet, asking the politician to “spend less time thinking about my name and more time helping the people from Puebla”.

But Herculez was not the only one responding to the attack; thousands of people tweeted the politician to show their support to the athlete and to express their disgust at the Senator’s behaviour.

Herculez, didn’t stop his own attacks after his first tweet. He continued to berate the senator, saying “My job is not important, the most I can give to the people is a moment of joy every eight days. You can change lives”.

In his last tweet, he ended with a flourish said “I suggest you use your time for the well-being of the state and our country”.

After all the commotion the tweets caused, the club issued an official statement from the player on Puebla-fc.com:

“I thank the senator for giving me such importance. I do not want to know what your priorities are if I am present in your agenda.

I want to tell you that I am no one and, if you really care about me, I ask you to see me as a citizen that forms part of a community.

I invite you to make decisions and take actions that benefit ALL OF MEXICO.

Finally, as a citizen of Puebla, I expect your support in our game next Saturday against Atlas.


Herculez Gomez”

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