FIFA corruption: Sepp Blatter’s daughter claims president father is a ‘victim of conspiracy’

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Sepp Blatter’s daughter, Corinne, claims that her father is a part of conspiracy to have him ousted from his position as FIFA president following the corruption scandal to have hit football’s world governing body this week.

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Astonishing news was revealed on Thursday morning that seven serving FIFA officials, including vice-president Jeffery Webb, had been arrested in Switzerland with charges of bribery. The figures under scrutiny are facing prison sentences of up to 20 years if found guilty [via Sky Sports].

There were demands that Friday’s presidential election should be postponed as a consequence of the crisis, however such pleas were ignored and Sepp Blatter was controversially re-elected for a fifth term [via The Guardian].

However, his daughter Corinne suggested to the BBC that her father is a victim of a scheme led by figures ‘behind the scenes’ whose aim is to try and remove him from his position as president which, as it failed on Friday in the election, she believes will soon become old news.

When asked if she thinks Sepp Blatter is innocent, Corinne said, “I wouldn’t say from the Americans and the British, but certainly people working behind the scenes, yes absolutely.

“I don’t know if you want to call them dark forces but I mean they really tried hard, they tried in September, October last year. How can Uefa who is saying ‘we are the strongest confederation’, how can they not put up a candidate?”

She added: “All these things happened just to discredit him so that he would resign. But I can tell you in about [two or three] weeks no one will talk about it anymore.”

Blatter was re-elected as FIFA president after his rival, Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein conceded defeat after winning only 73 votes, compared to the incumbent’s 133, in the first round of voting [via The Guardian].


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