Barcelona star Mascherano belittles the importance of the Champions League final

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Barcelona’s defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano has said that losing a World Cup is worse than losing the Champions League final.

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“The worst thing you can experience as a footballer is to lose a World Cup, not a Champions League final” said the Argentine star after being questioned about the Champions League final in a press conference.

According to news site Cancha llena, Mascherano also said that he hopes that Saturday’s final can take his career to a new level of prestige. “The Champions League is something beautiful and gives a player a different status,” said the former Liverpool player.

Mascherano started his career with River Plate in 2003 and after two years moved to Corinthians. After only one year with the Brazilian team the Argentine emigrated to Europe to play in the Premier League, first with West Ham and later with Liverpool.

In 2010 Mascherano started playing for Barcelona. He won the Champions League  in 2011 and has recently experienced losing the World Cup Final against Germany in 2014.


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