Ex-Liverpool goalkeeper slams Lionel Messi

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Ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek has slammed Messi, Ronaldo, Casillas, and Torres while promoting his new book.

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In it, he claimed Cristiano Ronaldo was an arrogant, but a genuine guy, adding that he was exactly how people perceived, him whether they liked him or not.

However, he claimed Messi was “fake and provocative”, saying that the Argentine star “insulted” Pepe and Sergio Ramos in private with an expletive-laden rant that included words “you would never imagine you’d hear from a such a quiet and seemingly good person”.

During his career with Real Madrid he had the opportunity to play with Raul and Ronaldo, the club’s two top-scorers, and he describes them as “self-centred and highly competitive”, adding that “they preferred a 2-1 score where they scored the goals than a 5-0 win with their team mates scoring the goals”.

As reported by El Confidencial, Dudek also mentioned that Iker Casillas said that “Fernando Torres was the most overrated player in Spanish football” after he moved to Liverpool in 2007.