Chelsea and Tottenham potentially sharing Wembley from 2017

Chelsea and Tottenham could share Wembley stadium from 2017 while the clubs build their new grounds, reports the Daily Star.

This has come about because Spurs have been told by Premier League chief Richard Scudamore that they cannot stage games at both the national stadium and in Milton Keynes. The integrity of the competition would be at stake according to the division’s boss.

“They’d have to play in the same stadium for the entire year. For the integrity of the competition,” Scudamore said, “You can’t have 19 homes games with 10 at Milton Keynes and nine at Wembley. Completely, completely unfair. That won’t be allowed in our competition.”

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This could mean that Tottenham will have to share with their London rivals Chelsea. The Blues are looking to redevelop Stamford Bridge, which would mean that they will have to play away from their home ground for a year. The North Londoners are planning on building an entirely new stadium in the same area as White Hart Lane, which would create the same situation for them.

Both of the teams’ plans look striking, with Chelsea basing their 60,000 capacity plans on Westminster abbey, and Tottenham looking to share a 61,000 arena with an NFL side. This could make the season, or seasons, spent away from their usual grounds worth it.