How girls prepare for a night out and how long does it take…

It’s one of the age old questions: why is it that girls take so long to get ready? Well, it’s a complicated business, not quite so simple as guys having a shower, a shave and a spritz of aftershave. In fact it’s often easier and less stressful to stay in and enjoy a night at home in front of a screen, playing on UK casinos online!

Step 1) Shower or bath?

Either way, she needs to smell good! Baths take longer but are the ideal relaxation prior to the stress of getting ready. She may also need to wash her hair (if so make sure to allow extra time for drying and/or straightening), and shaving legs is a distinct possibility. While you’re waiting, why not take a look at blackjack or roulette on Ladbrokes?

Step 2) Hair and make up

We know it seems the wrong way round to do hair and make up before getting dressed, but it does make sense. You don’t want any make up smudges on the perfect outfit – it’s much better to spill powder on a dressing gown. Be warned; there’s nothing more time consuming than the natural look, including primer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick and blusher. Some of that is bound to smudge, so she’ll need to wipe it off and try again. Don’t even mention the choice of hairstyle…

Step 3) Getting dressed

The outfit will be laid out on the bed or hung on the wardrobe door, ready for the final inspection. But is it the right outfit? Underwear, hosiery and then finally the outfit can go on. Still not ready? Pass the time by once again having a bash on some of those online casino games we talked about.

Step 4) Accessories

It’s often said that a girl can never have too many hats, bags, shoes or earrings. They’re the final touches to any outfit, but they can be the most important ones. Are the heels the right height? It depends where you’re going, but don’t be fooled into thinking that comfort is the deciding factor. Similarly, the bag doesn’t need to be able to actually hold anything.

By the time all this is complete, your night out may well be over! Why not stay in and explore the world of UK online casinos instead? You’ll probably end up saving money, and patience!