Unbelievable, Jeff! Start the new season with BlaBlaCar

There’s some great news to start the new season with: BlaBlaCar, the world’s largest ridesharing service, is available to football fans to travel to games together.

Unbelievable prices

If you plan on driving to a game, you can offer your ride on BlaBlaCar to share it with other BlaBlaCar members. Passengers looking to make the same journey as you can book your ride and will pay you a fuel contribution for travelling together. Not only will you cut down on your travel costs, but by taking three passengers, you’ll pay £0 to travel. You can offer your ride here.

And for passengers? A journey on BlaBlaCar is up to 80% cheaper than last-minute trains. Plus you’ll get to the game quicker when you’re parking right outside the stadium! You can find a ride here.

Unbelievable banter

There’s no banter when travelling to the match on your own, so why not put three fans in your car for your next away game? BlaBlaCar? BlaBla Banter!

Unbelievable, Andy!

Hear about BlaBlaCar firsthand from footie fan, Andy. Andy shares his ride on BlaBlaCar to cover the cost of travelling to away games.

Unbelievable app

Download our BlaBlaCar mobile app for free on Android and iOS.

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