Here is why you should play Dribble this Premier League season

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Dribble is revolutionizing fantasy football

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Think you could be your own club manager? Now you can with Dribble. Test your skills today with daily fantasy challenges using real Premier League athletes.

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Dribble brings you the easiest way to craft your dream squads and to see how they measure up against friends and random opponents.

Crafting your squads is all part of the fun! Bounce back and forth via push notifications with your opponents to choose your 5 athletes.

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Follow your athlete’s performance and scores right on your phone as you enjoy watching the fixtures. The team with the most points at the end wins.

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Play against your opponent for fun or to win real cash. Win £2, £10, £20, or £100. Level up and earn achievements as you play to grow your Dribble career.

Create as many challenges and squads as you want each match day. Play and win more to become the best squad manager out there.



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