FIFA 16: Ridiculous ratings decision REVEALED, with Tottenham superstar & forward FLOP…are they having a LAUGH? Arsenal fans will be…

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The FIFA 16 creators are usually on the money when it comes to the in-game player ratings.

These are a crucial part of the product and are the mechanics that ensure that some names stand out, while others fall by the wayside.

The ratings, as they have been revealed over the last two weeks, have received major attention by the world’s football media, as they have been drip fed to games drunk on anticipation for the latest edition of the franchise.

Harry Kane Emmanuel Adebayor
Harry Kane Emmanuel Adebayor

Indeed, who doesn’t want to know which of their team’s star men has been given a glowing review and who the hidden gems are to try to snare on ultimate team mode?

However, there’s one rating decision that’s got the team at Caught Offside HQ pulling our hair out in dismay.

A quick glance at Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t reveal too much of note; Hugo Lloris (with a rating of 84) is the team’s star man, while Christian Eriksen (on 83) follows close behind.

It’s in attack where the problems start, with Spurs superstar Harry Kane getting a rating of 78…one point lower than Lilywhite flop Emmanuel Adebayor!

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Quite how the Togo forward has got a higher overall score than Kane is hard to fathom, particularly with the England international coming off the back of a remarkable 21-league goal haul last season.

The only logical explanation we can think of is that some sneaky Arsenal fan among the FIFA 16 team has had a little fiddle with the ratings…!