(Video) Is this the worst defence in the history of football?

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Here at Caught Offside we love celebrating the beautiful game in all of its glory.

We love wonderful goals, magnificent dribbles, superb saves and tenacious tackling. We sing from the rooftops about the game’s geniuses, men like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as some of the unheralded greats of the contemporary game.

However, every now and again, we have to highlight those professionals who simply aren’t getting it right…those players who perhaps…just perhaps…ought to think about a change of career.

When Lionel Messi, for example, flummoxes a defence with a magical dribble or a mesmerising moment of skill, it’s natural that the Argentine superstar gets the praise.

However, in the example of this clip, we feel the defence ought to get criticised just as much—if not more so—than the attacker receives praise.

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How on earth can these chaps call themselves professional defenders? How can their coach and…we ache for him…their goalkeeper…hope for any kind of comfort or confidence behind this leaky backline?

Is this the worst defending ever caught on film?