The Thrill of Sports Betting – How to Bet on Football

Football is without doubts the most popular sport among passionate and casual sports bettors. Sports betting is as old as the sports themselves. It’s a form of entertainment and for some a source of income. Hands down following a football match is a lot more exciting if you place a bet. Back the favorite with a bet or follow the gut feeling and put your trust in the underdog.

However, to maximize your chances of winning you may have to do some research. The more information you can get your hands on the higher the probability of winning. In practice you are betting versus the bookmaker. The bookmaker offers odds with which it states if there’s a favorite or if it expects to see an intense match with unpredictable outcome. Fortunately, betting on the home or away team are not your only options. If you catch the bookmaker off-guard you will benefit of some high odds.

Once you decide what the match of your choice is it’s time to do some research.

Where to Bet?

There are many offers and bonuses from different bookmakers, sometimes even on a match basis you can get special promotions. Especially if it’s the first time you want to place a bet you have a choice of various bonuses like free bets and welcome bonuses when signing up at a bookmaker’s portal. There are pages dedicated to list you the latest bonuses like where you can get a good overview and make your choice.

Special tip: Search for match related bonuses by searching in Google “Team A vs. Team B. betting bonus”.

Current Form

The current form of one squad speaks a lot about what you can expect of the upcoming match. A losing streak of 3 or more games can crush the squad’s morale. On the other hand if the team is on a winning streak they will do everything in their power to keep it.

A rule of thumb is to consider the last 3 to 5 games. Considering games that took place beyond this mark is irrelevant. Make sure you take a good look of both the home and away games. There are teams whose performance is stunning when playing on their home stadium. Other teams play very defensively on away matches, this is a great opportunity to bet on under 2.5 goals.

Head to Head

Probably the most important piece of information you should consider. History tends to repeat itself, football games are not an exception. Use this to your advantage by taking their past head-to-head encounters in consideration along with the current form of the team. The current squads can’t be that different from the previous year to make this information irrelevant.

Team Morale

Motivation or team morale is also an important factor for the performance on the pitch. If it’s a derby match players will push themselves to their limits. Another situation when players tend to be fierce is when the season’s end is near.  They’ll fight for every point to get higher on the table. The underdogs’ performance can surpass your expectations, don’t let them catch you off-guard. Games of this type call for risky bets. Nevertheless, these games are by far the most exciting.

Match Schedule

If a team is competing in several different competitions like a national cup or other continental or international competitions they might haven’t recovered yet from the previous game. The coach can bench some key players to have them rest for some important upcoming match. After all, football players are just humans. They need to rest too.

Injured Players

Knowing what players are not going to play can be vital, especially if some of the team’s key players are injured. It’s a tough blow and every squad finds it hard to cope with this challenge, to fill the void caused by the absence of their superstar.

Sometimes the gut feeling is overwhelming and it may lead to some unjustified bets. It’s better to skip a match than to place a wild bet. After all there are a ton of other matches to choose from.

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