Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny admits he should have hit Chelsea striker Diego Costa

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Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny was apparently congratulated by his friends for not hitting divisive Chelsea striker Diego Costa following an altercation between the two during a match in September, the Metro reports.

The heated encounter between the two sides at Stamford Bridge saw both Gabriel and Santi Cazorla dismissed during 90 minutes as The Blues went on to collect a 2-0 victory.

The first sending off that involved Gabriel was due to direct involvement with Costa, who was acting up as has to become expected of him lately, and his antics saw him clash with Koscielny later on in the game.

And speaking in an interview with French publication L’Equipe, Koscielny reveals how he impressed his friends by not reacting to a slap on the face from Costa, recalling how he managed to keep his nerve in the clash.

“At the time, when he gives me a slap on the face, I don’t pay attention,” he said.

“We’re in a defensive situation and I continue to play. After he pushes me, I fall and get up because I’m not the type of player who drops down like that.

“Sure, I could have had a reaction, but I managed to keep my nerves,” the Frenchman added. “He wants to blow a defender’s fuse but you have to stay calm.

“I received a lot of messages telling me: ‘Well done, because I, I would have hit him

“You know, it’s five years that I’ve been at Arsenal, I have over two hundred matches with my team, some very important, I played a World Cup, the Euros.

“All this experience helps my serenity and allows me to not be overwhelmed by the emotions of an encounter.”

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