John Stones Barcelona: Everton defender scaring Chelsea with Spanish lessons

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After having numerous bids of up to £37 million rejected for Everton star defender John Stones, Chelsea may have discovered what their star target has really been chasing: A move to Spain, perhaps even Barcelona. The Blues are certainly on high alert after learning what Stones has been doing in his spare time.

According to the Sun, Stones has been taking Spanish lessons several hours a week to learn the language – which means he either has a non-English speaking pen-pal or he’s planning for the possibility of spending significant time somewhere where they usually speak Spanish.

The 21-year-old Stones is already a starter for England and one of the most desired players among Barcelona fans. The Sun noted that a recent Catalan fan poll had Stones as the player they would most like to bring in on a transfer.

Chelsea had Stones very high on their transfer list this past summer, with outlets reporting that Everton had turned down at least three offers from the Blues.

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