Premier League Scandal! Player sends d*** pics to schoolgirl, could face criminal charges

In a Premier League scandal that could very well occupy headlines for weeks, a player is in hot water for allegedly sending nude pictures of his manhood to an 18-year-old schoolgirl.

The Sun has reported that an unspecified Premier League player approached a the teenager while driving around, and had a conversation with the girl, in which she divulged her age and that she was in college, before leaving to catch a flight. Hours later, the player (unnamed for legal reasons) sent two explicit pictures of himself to the teenager.

According to the Sun, the player unfollowed the teenager on social media after she failed to respond to any of his messages.

This unnamed player has reportedly represented his country, is currently in a relationship and has kids.

Former online protection centre chief Jim Gamble told the Sun that the player’s actions could be illegal if the photos were sent without the teenager’s consent.

“I understand the girl is 18. However, by recklessly sharing these images this man has, at best, set a bad example to young fans,” Gamble said.

“At worst, if these photos were received out of the blue, he may have committed a criminal offence.

“If these images were unsolicited and there was no pre-existing intimate ‘relationship’, I’d find it hard to imagine that a complaint to the police would not result in an investigation.”

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