Arsenal lead money grabbing clubs AGAINST cheaper tickets for fans

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Arsenal are believed to be the key instigators amongst a group of Premier League clubs against dropping the price of match tickets for fans, the Daily Mail reports.

Premier League clubs recently held a meeting where the topic of discussion was over whether they should cap match day tickets at just £30, but despite Everton leading the charge in favour of the idea, it was eventually vetoed by “seven or eight clubs” and thus fell short of the majority vote of 14 required for it to be approved.

And it is said that Arsenal – who have been heavily criticised for their extortionate ticket prices in the past – were most vocal in their opposition to any kind of cap.

The plan is set to go back up for discussion again in March, while the clubs also vetoed several proposals to help travelling fans as well.

“We are a company who on one side people want you to buy more players, the prices of players goes up so we need to supplement the ability to buy new players,” manager Arsene Wenger recently said.

“The pressure on spending will become even greater and you can not always distribute the money to other people.”

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