Ranking the 20 PL managers from WORST to BEST looking… (Sorry LVG)

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20) Louis van Gaal – Manchester United

Sad Louis van Gaal

Looks like he melted some time ago.

19) Sam Allardyce – Sunderland 

sam allardyce

Looks like a Pitbull that’s been chewing bees since 1995.

18) Manuel Pellegrini – Manchester City

Manuel Pellegrini

Looks like the head from Art Attack if it came to life and took up chain smoking.

17) Steve McClaren – Newcastle United

Soccer - German Bundesliga - VfL Wolfsburg Training Session

Looks like a squirrel that got trapped on a sun-bed

16) Guus Hiddink – Chelsea

Guus Hiddink back at Chelsea

Looks like a face drawn on a balloon.

15) Arsene Wenger – Arsenal

Arsene Wenger Arsenal

Looks like an elderly bald eagle.

14) Ronald Koeman – Southampton

koeman southampton

Looks like a rusty overgrown baby.

13) Tony Pulis – West Brom

Tony Pulis West Brom

Looks like an angry goblin, or a misunderstood troll.

12) Jurgen Klopp – Liverpool

jurgen klopp

Looks like he as very pungent coffee breath.

11) Alex Neil – Norwich

Alex Neil

Looks like a toe-wrestling champion.

10) Francesco Guidolin – Swansea

Confused Roy

Nobody knows what this guy looks like.

9) Claudio Ranieri – Leicester

Claudio Ranieri

Looks like a kind weatherman who’s not as good as his job anymore but nobody has the heart to tell him.

8) Mark Hughes – Stoke City

Mark Hughes

Looks like the kind of extra Eastenders draft in when they need a Vicar for one episode.

7) Alan Pardew – Crystal Palace

Alan Pardew

Looks like an enthusiastic Jehova’s Witness.

6) Slaven Bilic – West Ham

Slaven Bilic West Ham

Looks absolutely nails and like he lived in a wood for ambiguous length of time.

5) Eddie Howe – Bournemouth

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Peterborough United v Burnley - London Road

Looks like he’d be very gracious post-intercourse.

4) Roberto Martinez – Everton

Roberto Martinez Everton

3) Mauricio Pochettino – Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham

Looks like a rugged supply teacher.

2) Remi Garde – Aston Villa

Remi Garde Lyon

Looks as good as his football team is bad.

1) Quique Flores – Watford

Quique Flores

Looks like George Clooney’s good looking brother.