Injury-prone Liverpool striker determined to be big part of team’s success

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Extended injury time for Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has significantly reduced his effectiveness over the last few years. Amidst speculation that he may be destined for a move out of Anfield, Sturridge has declared he intends to stay at Liverpool as long as he can and contribute to the team’s future success.

In a recent interview [per the Telegraph], Sturridge acknowledged his recent string of injury problems but stated that he isn’t letting the disappointment of not being able to play keep him stressed out.

“It’s important to worry about the present. Of course it’s been a difficult time being injured but it’s a part of football and now looking forward to the future – of course with Liverpool,” Sturridge said.

“There is not really much to stress or worry about. I have been pretty relaxed the whole time and I am happy here.”

Sturridge said he was happy in his current situation and is making his present time at Merseyside his primary concern – not his long-term future with the club.

“In life there’s times when have great periods and ones with difficult periods. In every normal job not just football it’s how you deal with those situations. A lot of people talk but I don’t listen. I worry about what I can do, what my family feel. I am blessed by God. I have no stresses. I am a happy guy…. I’m blessed, I’m good.”

He also rejected the notion that he preferred to be on the sidelines instead of playing but recommitted to trying his hardest to play for Liverpool.

“To say a player doesn’t want to play is the biggest disrespect ever to any footballer and it’s astonishing,” he said.

“It’s very disappointing whoever was saying it. It’s football and of course people are entitled to opinions but all I can say is don’t think anyone will understand how much it means to me to play football.

“It’s all surprising to be honest – I didn’t know religion had anything to do with football. As a child you don’t think of those things. I will continue to do my best and focus on playing for Liverpool. That’s all that matters.

Sturridge has five goals in just nine appearances for Liverpool this year. He was one of six different goal scorers for the Reds in their 6-0 win over Aston Villa and has a pair of braces in two other contests.

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