Arsene Wenger press conference translated from English to honest: Gunners boss doesn’t give a f***!

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Arsenal are eight points behind leaders Leicester City in the Premier League with nine games to go.

They will soon be dumped out of the Champions League at the last 16 stage – as is customary – when they take a two-goal deficit to Barcelona next week.

With his side’s 14-year wait for a league title seemingly set to continue – and as the Gunners continue to put up no challenge against the big boys in Europe – is Arsene Wenger feeling the pressure?

Is he bollocks!

Europe’s longest-serving manager spoke to the media today and he seems far from worried about the security of his position, which he has held since 1996.

“I have always the same pressure, which is the same pressure I apply to myself,” he told reporters. “It is the same.

“After that, people talk and you have more people talking than 20 years ago and more opinions. That doesn’t change the pressure. The real pressure comes from your desire to win the next game and that is the only one that matters really.

“I believe that opinions are opinions. I do my job and one day someone will replace me and will replace you. That is part of life and as long as you have done well, given your best and that is the quality of work people do.

“That is what I try to do. I try to do my best and leave this club in the best shape so the guy coming after me will have good potential to work with.”

Wenger is a genius and he is fluent in many languages. He spoke to the media in English, but let’s try to translate his statement into Real Talk.

The Gunners boss really meant: “I’m unsackable!

“Pundits and those gremlins on ArsenalFanTV can chat as much shit as they want. This is my job. This is my club. And I’ll leave when I have had enough.

“Your opinions are meaningless. Your stories are not worth the paper they are written on. So what if we don’t win the league? It’s the taking part that counts.

“I have made this football club so much cash. If you think I’m gonna spend it to appease Piers Morgan and that angry Claude bloke, you are off your tits!”

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