Justice for Johnson campaign started by paedophile’s sister does NOT go down well on the internet

Disgraced footballer Adam Johnson is currently awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of grooming a 15-year-old girl and engaging in sexual contact with her.

Prison seems inevitable for the former Manchester City, England and Sunderland winger. And most people would see jail time as justice.

However, Johnson’s sister, who has launched a campaign called ‘Justice for Johnson’ seemingly disagrees.

Faye Johnson created a Facebook group, which site administrators have since removed, but her poster (above right) continues to be shared.

Johnson does have some sympathisers, such as Katie Hopkins, who said that he is “not a paedophile” and that he “doesn’t deserve prison and a Twitter lynching”.

Controversial Dail Mail columnist Hopkins also claims that Johnson – a “cheating, selfish, arrogant, dick-driven, dim-witted specimen” in her words – “was only ever guilty of being stupid”.

Judging by the reaction to the ‘Justice for Johnson’ campaign, Hopkins is in the minority.

Sympathy was in short supply as ‘Justice for Johnson’ trended on Twitter this afternoon…

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