Confused Gooners decide to support Leicester, proving they hate Spurs more than they love Arsenal

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I have heard many Gooners in the past tell me that Spurs supporters are obsessed with Arsenal.

While, as a Spurs fan, I enjoy it when Arsenal lose, believe it or not, I rarely give them much thought, other than when they are on the TV or stinking up my Twitter feed with this kind of nonsense.

But now it all makes sense. It seems the truth is that many Gooners are, in reality, obsessed with Spurs.

Arsenal haven’t won much in the past 12 years, so the only thing they have to cling on to is that they always finish above Tottenham.

St Totteringham’s Day has been used as a smokescreen – a device to inflate fragile Arsenal egos and compensate for their lack of any real success.

So preoccupied with Spurs, many Arsenal fans actually want Leicester to beat Newcastle United this evening, even though such a result would effectively end all hope of the Gunners winning the Premier League this season.

This is because Spurs are just two points behind leaders Leicester. These Gunners ‘supporters’ are willing to sacrifice their team’s only remaining hope of silverware, just to decrease Tottenham’s chances of being crowned champions of England.

In fairness to ArsenalFanTV regular Moh Haider, (pictured above looking stern while lecturing about net spend) he is actually hoping for Leicester to drop points tonight, although he clearly has mixed feelings.

However, the majority of Gooner respondents to Moh’s Twitter teaser are dirty defectors who may as well get themselves down to the club shop at the King Power Stadium!

Bless em…

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