Premier League clings on to fourth Champions League spot

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Following Juventus’ elimination from the Champions League on Wednesday night, the Premier League will hold on to their fourth qualification spot for the 2017/18 season.

The Bianconeri fell to a 4-2 loss to Bayern Munich after extra-time on Wednesday night, losing out 6-4 on aggregate as the German giants advance to the quarter-finals with Thomas Muller scoring a decisive goal in injury time at the Allianz Arena to force the extended period.

In turn, it leaves Lazio as the only Italian representative remaining in Europe, and with just a maximum of 2.5 points available to the capital club with England currently 3.97 coefficient points ahead, it is impossible for the Italians to make up the ground this time round.

However, the failure of English clubs to make an impact in Europe in recent years could see their fourth qualification spot put in jeopardy next season with Italy shortening the gap.

Serie A has certainly suffered as a result of losing the fourth spot to the Bundesliga a few years ago, with the likes of Inter, AC Milan and Lazio struggling to compete consistently at the top of the table with the lack of financial resources that the Champions League offers.

As a result, Juventus have continued to dominate by investing well in their squad, with Napoli and Roma emerging as their closest rivals as the trio continue to occupy the top three spots in the league table with nine games remaining.

Naturally, the situation will, or at least should, be a concern for English clubs, with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool struggling to even break into the top four this season.

Leicester City’s stunning campaign has been a refreshing change to the usual line up in the title race, and with Tottenham also surpassing their rivals, it has been a very strange season indeed.

Losing a Champions League qualification spot would put Tottenham, Arsenal, United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City under significant pressure moving forward, and so those currently involved in Europe and those set to take part next season will have to enjoy deep runs in order to avoid such a scenario presenting itself.