Video: Boring Milner interview reveals Liverpool star can’t even read

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James Milner recently did an interview with YouTube mini-celebrities Copa90, and when asked to recite some Boring James Milner tweets, the Liverpool star embarrassingly struggled to even read them out.

The lengthy interview was conducted while the trio played Fifa, with Poet & Vuj eventually getting the better of Milner – who played down the loss.

He didn’t seem to be looking forward to being quizzed about the mock Twitter account, but he knew it was coming. When it came to it though, he made a complete hash of reading them out.

Check out the moment he was asked to read a few of the tweets at 8:95.

He was asked to read out just a couple of tweets, but stumbled over his words, missed more than a few out, and just generally messed things up. The account is phenomenally popular, but the former Manchester City man didn’t do it justice.

He even cryptically suggested that nobody knew who was behind the account, and for all anybody knew he was the one behind it. But judging by his inability to read out what he suggested could be his own tweets, that seems unlikely.

Liverpool transfer news

Milner has enjoyed mixed success since his move to Liverpool from Manchester City, and will now be looking toward England’s campaign this summer.

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