Michael Owen responds to Johan Cruyff death in the most Michael Owen-way possible

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Sometimes a person has to sit back and wonder if Michael Owen‘s brilliant football talent came at the expense of his own self-awareness. The Liverpool legend once again showed his startling lack of common sense in his immediate reaction to the passing of the Johan Cruyff by using the world football legend’s death as click-bait. Yes, click-bait.

Shortly after Cruyff passed away on Thursday morning, Owen took to Twitter to mention the iconic footballer – only he didn’t express his condolences outright, instead he teased his thoughts on the matter and added a link to Sportlobster where he shared his actual thoughts on what had happened.

That was a bit tactless, no? Sure the post and memory he shared with Cruyff on Sportlobster was rather touching but his delivery and blatant use of click-baiting for an event that has left tens of thousands in the football world in a state of absolute grief  was more than a little bit inappropriate. It’s a good thing Owen writes his own Tweets, otherwise he might want to fire the guy who writes them – much like Liverpool should after this equally tasteless non-tribute to Cruyff:

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