Embarrassing Arsenal fan tries to fight giant bear… SERIOUSLY

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ArsenalFanTV has given online microfame to some of the weird and wonderful members of the Gunners fanbase.

Ok, let’s be honest… mainly weird.

Let us draw your attention to Ty.

This man is a club owner’s dream.

He clearly spends all of his pocket money on Gunners merchandise – Arsenal headphones, check! Arsenal lunchbox, check! Arsenal single duvet, check!

Ty is also relentlessly loyal. When those around him are screaming ‘Wenger out’, Ty keeps the faith and continues to dream, which, in a way, is admirable.

However, Ty’s behaviour at West Ham United on Saturday was far from admirable!

Ty was furious after seeing West Ham’s mascot taunting Gunners fans with some pretty tame teddy bear gestures.

In his fit of rage, Ty aggressively engaged with the giant bear, asking him why he didn’t do that to Millwall fans.

Basically, Ty was calling this bear a pussy – a pussy bear!

Ty looked ready to throw down, but, luckily no animals were harmed in the filming of this video.

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