WATCH! Guus Hiddink knocked over as Spurs and Chelsea players fight! Rose to blame? Or did Cesc do it!?

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Amidst celebration for Leicester City, there was a great deal of mayhem at Stamford Bridge on the pitch and following the match as Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur quite literally clawed and scratched at each other for the better part of two hours.

After the match, as the Spurs and Blues were leaving the pitch to go to the lockers, 69-year-old Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink was knocked down and tumbled into the benches.

A brawl quickly ensured with the two teams getting into it with each other and plenty of pushing and shoving going on, leading to a rather unfortunate end to a match that had ended with 12 yellow cards.

Upon a better look, the two figures that stand out the most were Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Spurs star Danny Rose.

The video itself is somewhat unclear, so we’ll pose the question to you:

Who done it? Rose? Fabregas? Someone else entirely?

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