Video: EPIC ANTHEM FAIL by “Say Something” singer Karen Harding at FA Cup Final

What was supposed to be a huge day for national anthem singer Karen Harding ended in awkward fashion as the young singer/songwriter made one of the most awkward gaffes in recent memory.

Though Harding was excited to sing ‘God Save the Queen’ in sync with a brass band behind her, Harding somehow missed her cue and simply stood at her spot awkwardly for the better part of half the song as the band and the audience sang it without her.

Even Wayne Rooney seemed a little confused as he looked around, wondering what one earth was happening.

Harding stood there re-positioning her earpiece as though she didn’t even realize everyone was singing the song without her and finally got around to the end of the song – but not before everyone noticed that she had missed most of the song.

Harding’s debut single in 2015 was (ironically) entitled “Say Something,” which peaked at seventh on the UK Singles Chart.

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