Day 2 of Paul Grange saga: #GiftsForGrange going strong as punishment continues for attention-seeking scumbag

When you post things like this and wear a tee-shirt with a similar tone, you are clearly looking for a reaction. And Paul Grange got one!

Last night, Liverpool fans went in on a nasty bloke called Paul Grange.

After the troll was ejected from a pub in Worcester for wearing a shirt which seemed to celebrate the Hillsborough Disaster, Liverpool fans of Twitter launched a mission to spam his home with all sorts of sh*t.

Copious amounts of coleslaw and Lilt were sent to his house, as his address was sent around the net.

But that’s not all. Clowns, prostitutes, cheese, and lots and lots of diggers were also ordered on behalf of Mr Grange.

Someone even contacted the council to ask that his wheelie bins be removed!

This went down over night, between the hours of midnight and 3am.

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However, the many people who missed it because they were sleeping have decided that they want to get involved this morning.

So, it continues, with the hashtag #GiftsForGrange going viral.

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