Video: Trouble continues as England fans clash with French police for second night

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England fans clashed with police in Marseille for a second consecutive night on Friday, with tear gas once again being used.

Various incidents took place in the Old Port area of the city, where England supporters had gathered again ahead of their side’s first game against Russia on Saturday night.

However, there were further unsavoury scenes as riot police were seen in a lengthy stand-off with a group of supporters for most of the evening, before things turned sour later in the night.

Bottles were once again thrown while a number of arrests were made, with videos, such as those below, showing fires breaking out in shops while some supporters were caught on camera throwing chairs at police.

Furthermore, there were widespread reports on social media that fights also broke out between English, French and Russian fans, with one man reportedly thrown into the harbour after he was beaten to the ground by rival fans.

While the police believe that they have the majority of the trouble under control with isolated incidents causing disruption, it remains to be seen how long they wait until taking more stringent action to avoid more scenes of violence.

England face Russia in Marseille on Saturday night in their first game of Euro 2016, but naturally, all the focus has been on matters happening off the pitch in recent days with more England fans arriving as the days go on.

Similarly to the first night of trouble, conflicting reports have suggested that they have been antagonised while others have insisted that they are the source of the problem.