Euro 2016: Russia handed suspended disqualification and significant fine following trouble

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Russia have been handed a suspended disqualification from Euro 2016 and fined €150,000 following violence in and out of stadiums in France.

The suspended disqualification ultimately means that the Russians will remain in the tournament for the time being, but another incident inside a stadium will see them kicked out by the governing body.

It comes after they were involved in ugly clashes with England fans during their game in Marseille on Saturday night, while they were also found to be targeting supporters before and after the game in the city itself.

Both sets of supporters have already been warned that they face disqualification if the violence continues, but this has now specifically targeted the Russian fans after their role in the unsavoury scenes seen in France so far this summer.

French police have made numerous arrests and a number of people have suffered injuries as a result of the clashes, while tear gas and water cannons were used last week to disperse crowds.

While it appears as though the tension has eased in recent days with French authorities moving to deport Russian hooligans, the city of Lille is braced for potential flash points as both sets of supporters are expected to be in the near vicinity of one another this week.

England face Wales in nearby Lens on Thursday while Russia take on Slovakia in Lille on Wednesday, and that in turn could see further trouble.

The French police will hope to have a grip on matters, but UEFA’s warning will now have to be heeded by the Russian FA and the supporters, otherwise they will be kicked out of the tournament if they bring violence to the stands in the next week or so.

Breaking: #Rus handed suspended disqualification from #Euro2016(until end of tournament) and fined €150,000