(Video) Euro 2016: Trouble in Lille as police arrest 36 while ex-footballer confronts fan

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More trouble was seen on the streets of Lille on Wednesday, resulting in 36 people being arrested after angry clashes between rivals fans and the French police.

Following the ugly scenes in Marseille at the end of last week and over the weekend, and despite the threat of UEFA action with disqualification of the teams involved, the incidents continued to take place.

Hundreds of French riot police charged at England fans later in the night after supporters continued to gather as bottles were thrown, according to various reports on social media.

Further, tear gas and pepper spray could be seen being used in attempts to disperse crowds, with various videos being shared of England fans running through the streets of Lille in an attempt to find a group of Russian supporters who had provoked them.

As chants were directed at their counterparts and with tensions rising, a loud bang was heard from either a flare or firework which sparked the initial problem, and as police penned England fans in to keep them under control, they eventually used more serious measures to avoid further problems brewing.

For the most part, the issues between the two sets of supporters seemed to be under control by the authorities as they kept them apart.

However, their aggressive tactics and behaviour of the England supporters would have undoubtedly led to tense stand-offs, with the police ultimately deciding that they were not willing to tolerate their presence in Lille city centre.

It remains to be seen how the situation unfolds in the next 24 hours or so, with England set to face Wales in Lens while the threat of trouble from Russian fans still looms large despite a number of those causing trouble in Marseille being arrested.

Meanwhile, former footballer Stan Collymore was in the thick of things in Lille, sharing his videos on Periscope as he followed England fans around the streets while also spotting a Russian fan who threw a bottle before informing police that it was him.