Euro 2016: Croatia ultras plotting ways to cause chaos in Spain game to get team kicked out

After causing disruption against Czech Republic last week, Croatia ultras are planning further problems against Spain in Bordeaux on Tuesday.

‘Fans’ flew flares and firecrackers onto the field during their 2-2 draw with the Czechs, temporarily halting the game before proceedings continued.

While some individuals even turned on each other in ugly clashes in the stands, the ultras have essentially declared war on the Croatian FA who they have accused as being corrupt and have made their feelings very clear previously.

It appears as though their work isn’t done yet either as an image has emerged on a Facebook page of the stadium in Bordeaux, with instructions on how to disrupt the game, similar to something that surfaced for their encounter in Saint-Etinne last time out.

While they evidently have their reasons for being angered and frustrated by the HNS, it remains to be seen whether or not the French authorities are able to keep them in check on Tuesday to avoid further unsavoury scenes in the stands.

There are right and wrong ways of going about protesting and airing opinions, and putting others in danger and ruining the spectacle for supporters of both nations is evidently not the way many would go forward.

Nevertheless, the group seem hell-bent on causing trouble as the difficult situation between fans and the Croatian FA continues.